In every moment of everyday we produce 'interfaces'. These are where our energy interacts with that of another person or event and most of these interactions are innocuous. However, some of these interfaces are intense and then contain an imprint--the attachment we form to that particular moment, the emotion with which we imbue the moment. During each interface, we allow ourselves to absorb energies from the event or person. PLEASE notice no one 'gives' us these energies, the energies are not 'done to us'. We absorb them for different growth opportunities. These interfaces are not about blame or victimization. However the attachment we have to them does color our thoughts and hence actions. Clearing these interface imprints is a way to find more clarity and discernment in our lives because we see the event/situation/person without the emotional charge. All the clearing is done on YOUR behalf and since your perception around the event is changed (no attachment) you may find others responding to you differently. Please email me with your full name, the situation or name of person around which you want the interface run, and whether you would like a mutually convenient time for the healing to be sent. This is not a telephone session. Each session is $70.


During this healing your seven major chakras are cleared and balanced. Nancy 'looks' at each chakra and sees either images or a movie of what your Higher Self wishes cleared at that moment. Nancy then clears, releases, heals and balances the chakra. After the session you receive a brief email about the balancing. If you want to set up a mutually convenient time for this healing, please email Nancy. Each session is $70.


During this activation, a diamond shaped energetic construct is transferred to your pineal gland. This 'diamond' decalcifies your gland, allowing for greater clarity and breadth of the ways in which you perceive. Your perceiving mechanisms simply access a broader bandwidth of your world unveiling the truths behind your reality.
People have described the results as "more clarity in my world", "the way I see is more intense", "I see at a greater depth", "my path is clearer." This activation is $45 and will be sent to you within 1-2 business days after payment, (I will email you the time) or we can arrange a mutually convenient time.

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