"...She has the ability to see and harness the DIVINE logic and beauty of all that is impossible to comprehend..." Jim W. - PA

"Nancy is an exceptionally gifted healer- I have used Nancy for in person healings- phenomenal energy shifting- and I never miss a month of the Soul Path Healings or Daily Dose- truly transformational!

Thanks for who you are and all you do!

"My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, writer and visionary living in St Petersburg, Florida. I have had the great honor and privilege of knowing and working with Nancy Walker for over seven years. I participate in both her Daily Dose Program as well as the magical Soul Path Healing sessions she offers every Tuesday. I have worked with many healers and teachers over the years and Nancy is easily within the top three of all of the people I have ever worked with. She is very gifted clairvoyantly and often sees things from a different angle or perspective than I do so it is always valuable to get her assistance when I am feeling stuck. She is so good that when I have people come to me that I do not feel that I can help, I often refer them to Nancy."

Bill Austin

"While I was originally disdainful about a "pet communicator', even after seeing the "Horse Whisper", I've come to find Ms. Walker's participation with myself & pets...3 R's. Relieving, Reliable & Reasonable! She is, consistently, on-the-mark & always able to supply either confirmation or new tangents for dealings with my 2 cats. Both my #1 daughter, with her rescue Beagles, & I find Nancy an invaluable partner to our animal interactions." Chuck R. ... N.J.

"I met Nancy Walker in 2001. I have always been a seeker but without clear guidance, I continually floundered on the brink. When I met Nancy all that changed. With the help of her guides and healing practices, Nancy cleared me, opened me and since then has shepherded me on a spiritual journey that far exceeds anything I thought possible. I now experience peace, perspective, spiritual discernment and a much greater capacity to give and receive love. These are just a few of the gifts that I have received from my work with Nancy. I see her regularly and always remotely receive the Daily Dose and the Soul Path Healings. The first time I met Nancy, she mentioned in a very matter of fact way that "Guinevere" was with us. She could have had no way of knowing that Guinevere is the name that I call my higher self. It was then that I knew without doubt that she was the real thing. I soon discovered that she is as pure a channel as I have known and puts aside ego to do this, her life's work and passion. Previous to my discovery of Nancy Walker, i had sought guidance and wisdom from numerous other metaphysicians. Nancy has been the only one who has significantly and in an enduring way, changed my life. The Universe has blessed me with a teacher, guide and friend. I am incredibly grateful."

Winifred Wheeler Counseling
Treating Addictions, Codependency and Childhood Trauma since 1994
Paoli, Pennsylvania
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If it was not for you saying that Ivy (rottweiler puppy) was sick with an 'upset stomach' I would have lost her. You checked into her some more and simply said "Hang up and get her to a vet--NOW!!" As you now know she had parvo and was one sick sick puppy, but thanks to you and your ability to communicate and understand that something was very wrong the vet was able to save her. THANK YOU!! Also I forgot to mention during that call that my horse Oliver has come around and is now eating-- you were right he couldn't swallow the sweet feed. We had him adjusted by an equine chiropractor and put him on pellets and he is doing fine.

Thank you so so much!!
Chrissandra, Pa"